Sunday, September 12, 2010

The First Shard

Where to begin? "Begin," counters Lewis Carroll, "at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end; then stop."

I have never seen a finer antidote to over-analyzing.

Now if only I had a topic to begin with. You see, I wrote some pretty words in my description (which I'm sure you too the time to read) about all these things I was going to contemplate with words, and find their meaning, and connect them to something grand and all. But I can't think of a thing.

Maybe I'm simply tired; I type in my dorm room at Benedictine College, chatting online with a friend. We're going to the local early morning donut shop in an hour. And in that time I feel obligated to talk about something. It's my first post, after all.

And yet my mind is lead. It's hard tonight to reach out and find something; even when I reach, it's searching in vain, becuase nothing is coming forward.

Arrrrrrrrg, I think, more out of idleness than frustration. Even for a college man, the wee hours of morning batter the brain. There are now two people chatting with me online, which isn't helping my concentration.

This hasn't turned out at all like I expected. But at least it's something. I've made a topic; I haven't gone deeply into it, but it's something. I began at the beginning, and at least in the eyes of Lewis Carroll I have done something worthy. And for my God I have made a sincere effort.

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