Sunday, April 17, 2011

The April 2011 Alternative Rock Showcase

I don’t have time to write anything worth writing. So I choose this Sunday to show off music from my generation. Forget the Ke$ha and the Wiz Khalifa everyone's talking about. This is where the real music is playing. There is a God in heaven, and He shines through these songs.

“Field of Daggers” by House of Heroes. This is the penultimate track from their timeless masterpiece, The End Is Not The End. It swings between weary sorrow, and fierce optimism, and it takes you places that 5 minutes shouldn’t be able to take you.

“Traveler’s Song” by Future of Forestry. Thank you, Marc Barnes, for promoting this amazing artist. I cried when I first heard this song.

“Drama Queen” by Family Force 5. I dare you to find goofier or cooler songwriting on the face of the planet.

“Scottish” by The Ascendicate. Prepare for ferocious, agonized heavy metal, where the singer screams his pain of being trapped in sin. This is why God allows metal to exist.

“Wretches and Kings” by Linkin Park. They swear a couple times. Which disappoints me, because for the most part this is a powerful, stunning battle song. This was my motivation for portraying an angry mob with my friends in Julius Caesar.

“Abracadavers” by The Classic Crime. Matt McDonald’s vocals are so gut-wrenching and wrought with anguish that the results demand a place on this list.

“A Conversation With the Sky” by Abandon Kansas. Everything this band puts out is a little weird, and completely breathtaking. 

“So Far Away” by House of Heroes. If these voices do not melt your heart, you have been kidnapped by cyborg robots and given a virus extracted from Ebenezer Scrooge's blood.

This is barely the tip of the iceberg. I could post dozens more, but you don’t have time for dozens. If you have time to comment, that would be amazing.


  1. Sean, I had a great time listening to the cries of the heart in these songs. Been out of the loop awhile :)
    Drama Queen was my favorite..probably because in my younger days I was one...and now, my poor sons could 'Amen' the whole lyric with all their experiences!
    Blessings and +PAX in this most Holy Week.

  2. Oh, these aren't in the loop. Not enough people have heard about them. The popular stuff these days tends to be catchy party songs, with synthesized beats and an emphasis on alcohol and sex.

    I'm glad you enjoyed them, though. I'm certainly glad that one of them spoke to you. You run a nice blog, by the way. May your Holy Week be fruitful and fantastic.