Sunday, December 5, 2010

One of The Greatest Rock Bands Of Our Time

You read that right. My favorite rock band is one of the greatest rock bands out there right now. I am not sarcastic or trying for any vague, complicated metaphor. I speak directly and I blaze with confidence.

Say hello to House of Heroes. They’re an alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, currently signed with Gotee Records. No, you’ve never heard of them. Their genre… oh… let me tell it this way. Take the vocal harmonies from Queen. Throw them in with those magical melodies the Beatles had. Shake well, and throw in pop/punk from Relient K and Jimmy Eat World, rock from Weezer, and lightly sprinkle with Tom Petty and Muse. Bake to perfection. 
That is what I’m talking about, and if you’re licking your chops right now, you won’t be disappointed. 

They found out with this 2008 album, The End Is Not The End, that all four of them can sing. United they did things to their music that made them soar over everything I’ve ever heard. And the songwriting! I could write pages on just the songwriting. Add to how that works with the music, and how amazing the music itself is… I could write a whole book. The themes span love, heroism, redemption, remorse, and a host of others, with references to World War Two and wars in general. It’s the talk about the wars that give it an extra layer. There’s such a story in the music. Listen all the way through the album; you’ll find hints of it in the lyrics, since it’s not a concept album, but you’ll hear in it in the music. I can’t say exactly how. Each song begins and ends like how chapters in novels begin and end; just the right tone, just the right place. It leaves me spellbound every time. This is a sonical odyssey.

Suburba (that's how they spell the title) came out just a few months ago: August 2010.  And the vocals only got better. And the songwriting ventured into new territory. With the classic rock came a focus on youth and suburban America. And my, oh my, does it take your breath away. Gorgeous renditions in “Relentless” the first track, of a boy running wild in the suburbs; “God Save The Foolish Kings”, a gang preparing for a fight and looking for purpose; “Disappear”, a dark, driving reflection on mortality… you have to listen all the way through the album here. Even though, for this and the last album, any track will have you hooked on its own.

Oh! This barely scratches the surface of what I could tell you about this band. But I am a college student, and finals near; I’ve already taken too much time to tell you this much. Let me leave you with a music video for the band’s top single from The End Is Not The End: “In The Valley Of The Dying Sun”.


  1. Wow, love that song "If". Thank you for telling the world about this group. I will definitely be checking them out. Do you ever go over to aurgasm?

  2. I've never heard of "aurgasm". What is it?

    Nice blog, by the way. Thanks for checking mine out. And double thanks for enjoying the music.

  3. i think it's, it's a music blog, with free downloads (legal). They feature some great (real) indie music, with some other funk, house (dj) music, etc. I think you'd enjoy it.

    I like your blog, a friend recommended it. And through you, I found BadCatholic, so I figure it's a sweet deal.

  4. Oh, BadCatholic is amazing, and I'm not just saying that to get his attention. For pure inspiration, he's got me trounced. I'm not sure if I agree with EVERYTHING he says, but all he says he says boldly. And he posts about unique things. Most of the Catholic blogs I've read seem to focus on political happenings and Church news. Not that that isn't bad, but when I see so many blogs doing it, it makes me love different perspectives. That's one of the reason I enjoy your blog, by the way.

    I looked at aurgasm. I rather like it...